GMadrid Sports Club – Football 11

As part of GMadrid Sports Club our football 11 team is the first born in Spain, created in 2015 we’ve been able to grow up very quickly. Now, with more than 50 members, we play local competition as well as LGTB tournaments. We fight against homophobia in Spanish football with different events.

Boston Strikers
Boston, Massachusetts, United States

The Boston Strikers Soccer Club, Inc. is a non-profit, social organization, which provides an opportunity for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and straight people to learn and to improve their soccer skills in a relaxed, congenial environment. Club membership is open to all people regardless of their sexual orientation, gender, race, or religion.

Mexico City, Mexico

Civil association that advocates, promotes and disseminates human rights of people of sexual diversity through sport.


LOBOS Mexico is a nonprofit organization whose main task is to practice and promote sporting, recreational and cultural activities on both national and international level.  LOBOS also strives to inform its members and the general population of different ways to stay healthy and thereby achieve a better quality of life.

London Titans
London, United Kingdom

London Titans is an LGBT-friendly football club providing a welcoming and friendly environment for footballers regardless of ability, age, sexuality or gender.  The club has experienced a great amount of success over the last nine seasons and we look forward to building on this for the future.

Long Beach Waverunners FC
Long Beach, California - USA

Long Beach Soccer Club, home of the Waverunners, is an inclusive, GLBT-oriented organization. Players of all backgrounds – gay or straight – and of all skill levels are invited to practice and play.

Los Dogos Argentina
Argentina and South America

Los Dogos Argentina was created in 1997 and was the 1st LGBT soccer team formed in Argentina and South America. The institution fights against discrimination by using sports as a way to promote inclusion regardless of sexual orientation, gender or gender identity. Los Dogos Argentina won Men’s Division One when Argentina hosted the 2007 IGLFA World Championship XVI.

New York Ramblers
New York, NY, USA

The New York Ramblers are the premier gay soccer club of New York City. The Ramblers host weekly scrimmages and tournaments, as well as participate in local NYC leagues and LGBT soccer tournaments worldwide.

Philadelphia Falcons
Philadelphia, PA - USA
Philadelphia Falcons logo

Men And Women’s Club

Since 1989, the Philadelphia Falcons Soccer Club has developed a proud LGBT soccer tradition in the Philadelphia region. The club brings together adult players of all skill levels for informal weekly pick-up games, organized league and tournament play, and social events with the goal of providing an environment where friendships, fitness, fair play, and fun flourish.

San Francisco Spikes
San Francisco, California, United States

The San Francisco Spikes Soccer Club provides gay men and their allies with opportunities to compete in local leagues, represent San Francisco in tournaments worldwide, and play recreational soccer. We create a healthy, affordable and supportive environment for our members to play soccer at all levels, participate in gay social causes and events, build community, and have fun.



Soho FC is one of the UK’s newest LGBTQ friendly football teams. They play 9 a side during the week
in Central London and have training or 11 a side league matches on Sundays in Regent’s Park. They
also took part in small-sided LGBT international tournaments in Paris and Germany last year. Having
a strong social side is an important part of the club too. In 2014 they held football events
collaborating with Fare, Football v Homophobia and the Gay Games.

Stockholm Snipers

Stockholm Snipers was founded 2006 and since 2007 plays in a straight league. The team was recently promoted and 2014  plays in division 6 and starts up a 11-a-side second team. Snipers regurarly participates in international tournaments, winning a gold in the 2008 Pan Cup and 3rd in the 2009 Outgames in Copenhagen.

Stonewall Football Club
United Kingdom

Established in 1991, Stonewall FC is London’s most famous gay football club. SFC provides a platform for openly gay football players of all abilities to play at various levels of competitive football.

Sydney Rangers FC
Sydney, Australia

Sydney Rangers FC is Australias’ first and Sydneys’ only gay football club. We began in 1997 as a group of friends coming for a weekly kick around and have grown into a club of 3 winter league teams, running an annual Mardi Gras tournament and Summer Night competitions. We have participated in every World Championships as a team in our own right since 1997.

United F.C.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

United F.C. Is a competitive, gay-friendly team based in the Fort Lauderdale area. The team was created in 2009 and has successfully competed in gay-friendly tournaments in Europe and North America.

Village Manchester FC
Manchester, United Kingdom

Village Manchester Football Club is a gay and inclusive club based in Manchester that welcomes anyone who loves football. We train on Thursdays. Our first and second teams both play in local leagues on Sundays. We play against gay and straight teams, take part in national tournaments and organise an overseas trip most years.

West Hollywood Soccer Club
West Hollywood, California, USA

The West Hollywood Soccer Club, Inc. is a non-profit organization established with an objective to promote the growth and understanding of soccer, and to foster a sense of kinship for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender players, and their supporters.

If any of the listed information is incorrect or missing, please contact the IGLFA at iglfaboard@gmail.com to notify us.


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